Transgender Profiles: Time for a Change

I’m so excited to let you know that my new book, Transgender Profiles: Time for a Change," was published with Brown Books in the Spring of 2018. This book features in-depth interviews with some of the wonderful transgender people I have come to know over the years.

Get to know how life is for transgender people.

Love Tails From The Wall

​​In this lively, spirited book, dogs and their owners celebrate life—and one another—at a particular low wall in their neighborhood. The owners of the house behind the wall don’t have dogs themselves, but their goodwill is the catalyst for all that follows, and the dogs appreciate it as much as the people do. This heartwarming story tugs at the hearts of all who will enjoy reading it.

Cornered Dr. Richard J. Sharpe: As I Knew Him

In the year 2000, Linda DeFruscio was forced to make an unthinkable decision. Someone whose genius she admired immensely, a business associate and dear friend, committed a terrible crime.

In response, she could cut off their friendship and avoid the risk of losing friends, clients and her own peace of mind-or, she could trust her gut and try to save some aspect of her friend’s humanity. A real life thriller memoir!

There is a post-script to this story!!!

Love Tails From The Wall

Cornered Book

Ginger and Moe and the Incredible Coincidence

Everything was perfect at first: Linda had wanted cats, two of them so they would have each other for company. And Ginger and Moe, two beautiful cats born in an animal hospital, had wanted a loving home. But one day Linda began to feel sick, and when she learned from her doctor that she was allergic to her two cats and would not get better until she got rid of them, Linda was forced to find a solution, quickly.

Ginger and Moe and the Incredible Coincidence is a heartwarming true story with lessons about love, sacrifice and the nature of fate. It offers a powerful reminder that behind every challenge is an opportunity to generate a creative outcome. A fun book for everyone to enjoy!

Ginger and Moe Cat Book

Transgender Profiles: Time for a Change

Linda DeFruscio